Summer is over, I know... it hurts, but...

we see each other again and we have a lot of new ideas:-)!

One of them is a newspaper made by students from Primary School number 84 in Gdańsk entitled "QL SCHOOL 84",

in which all important and crazy events will be described on our Internet website www.sp84gda.pl.


XOXO from the newspaper's editor Monika Pawelec




27th September


Students from class 5 B were on a trip to an Old City of Gdansk.
They saw the center of Gdansk from… water! They were ‘sailing’ by pedalo with an engine;-) Jakub recommends such a form of discovering the city’s monuments to all! At the end they had a piece of sweet cake and a cup of hot tea.



 Jakub Sokołowski VB


In September I was on a trip to London. I was there with my cousin and her class. I was sightseeing. I saw some popular tourists’ attractions, such as: Big Ben, Tower of London and The London Eye. I ate some original food - fish and chips. I took some photos and my favourite is the one taken on the platform 9 3/4. I think my trip was very cool and funny!

Wiktoria Niemczyńska VB





27th October


In October students from classes IV, V and VI were on a trip to the pedagogical library where they found 'the Kashubian room’. They were watching old farm tools and old household objects. They saw old method of bread making. They listened to the guide who was talking about the life in the village. To sum up, that was an interesting school trip.

Jakub Sokołowski VB




5th November



Students from our school visited Kashubian Museum located in Kartuzy. The tourist guide was talking about tradition and life in the village which was very interesting. Schoolchildren saw methods of fishing and growing plants in the field. They were watching old household tools and furniture, where the most interesting were the huge boots and clothes. They were singing and taking part in workshops – the task was to paint an angel. The final effect was amazing and the figures made by children were unique! After the visit, students went for a short walk, took some photos and came back to school by coach. The trip was great!



Jakub Sokołowski VB

 17th November



On Thursday classes 4a, 5 a, 5 b and 6 a were in the cinema Multikino on a show entitled "Szatan z siódmej klasy". In my opinion, the performance was really funny, especially two thieves who were called "Pozioma" and "Borówa". I didn't watch the original film, but my friend told me that it was completely different than the original version.



(More photographs can be found on the followining website: http://www.narodowyteatredukacji.pl/repertuar/szatan-z-siodmej-klasy/ )


 Wiktoria Niemczyńska VB






9th December


I like Winter Fete at our school, because there is everything!

Each class has got “a small shop” with Christmas decorations, which were prepared by schoolchildren to sell.

There is a lottery, which it is grate. There is also a café. 

And I bought three fantastic sock-snowmen;-) 

Tosia Ołowiak VB



31st January



That day, my friends and class V A  visited the ZOO in Gdańsk - Oliwa.


At the ZOO we had workshops about the birds. The ZOO keeper was telling interesting about  the birds and their daily routines. We had the opportunity to hold the birds’ skulls and feathers. After the lecture we went to see the wild animals. Some animals were at the catwalk, but some hid in their houses. The catwalk for monkeys was funny. They funny ‘fought’ with each other. We saw: mammals, amphibians, reptiles and a lot of birds. We could buy a unique coin as a souvenir from the ZOO. To sum up, the school trip was interesting, but we were cold.




Jakub Sokołowski VB






Last weekend students from the Kashubian language spent time in village called Kamienica Młyn.


They stayed in houses which belong to educational homestead. Every morning, there was very cold so they did not want to get up for breakfast.  They took part in workshops. They were making gifts for the Mother’s Day. Near the houses were ponds so the boys were fishing. What’s more, they entered an Observation Tower and were watching the countryside from the top. The weather was good, that’s why students went to a shop to buy ice creams. Pupils returned tired from the trip, but in a good mood and a little bit sun tanned.



On the 19 th of May in our school there was a picnic for children named Dzieci Dzieciom


In the program there were many interesting attractions for little money. On the decupage workshops children and adults were making gifts from salt mass and other materials. In the café, there were delicious cakes and donuts as well as juice and coffee. There were waffles with whipped cream and pea-soup. On the playground, there were: horse riding and sport competitions. In the lottery, it was possible to win a ticket to Legoland. There was also a music band. School was raising money for the children from hospice, because we all like to help!

Photos from this event can be found here!


Jakub Sokołowski VB



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